• You want it
  • High-quality video content of your concerts


Of course, you do. We totally understand you. When you are a performing artist, musician, band or you are organising and hosting live gigs, it’s important to capture your shows, gigs, performances or concerts on video and film. It gives you the chance to engage with your fans, helps you to promote your next event/show and gain the attention of the right people.

Your performance on film

We film your show. With one camera or a full multi-camera setup. Always captured from different angles, including atmospheres: your gig, all band members and performers, your gear & instruments, the lights, the smoke, THE VIBE.
Alongside we record the audio of your show and atmospheres in the highest-quality, fully multitracked. We run multiple backup systems so nothing will go wrong. We edit the film footage, add visual effects, mix the multitrack to stereo (or surround if that's your flavour), combine it all into highly engaging video content and deliver it to you, ready to publish (or we publish and distribute it for you across your online channels). Sounds like a lot of work? Yes, it is. But we've got you covered. We are pro's. And for us capturing a great performance, complete with all the atmosphere of that evening, is a hugely rewarding experience.


It’s important to be visible. You want to be found and you want to reach the right people. Video content is one of the most effective means of accomplishing this. High-quality content shows that you believe in your music and take it seriously. Music is highly emotional. And the atmosphere of the evening plays an important role. We capture all of that, both in vision and sound. Try doing that with your smartphone... But don't worry. We take care of capturing all of that. Your music, the atmosphere, multiple backup systems and turn them in highly engaging content for you to share.
Spread them. Send them. Share them. Talk about them. Cherish them. Believe in them. Just like you do with your music. And if you didn't do that already, video is the perfect medium.
• Create your musical Youtube Channel • Your Facebook profile and/or Page • Your Vimeo channel • Your Instagram account (stories!) • Your website • Embedded in your mailing • The pages/social channels of: > the venues you’ve played > the artists you worked with > your sponsors > your record label > etc…

Why Euphonic Live Audio & Film Productions

We believe in capturing the essence
Filming since 2008
We have an 'eye' for music
Excellent gear makes a difference
Filming for major music venues in Amsterdam
We combine high-quality audio with video
We think in solutions
No project is too big or too small for us
We are flexible and we work fast

Why investing in film & video content of your show is important:

We want you to get more gigs, more fans, get signed and/or better deals by spreading high-quality content of your work. We believe video can do this for you. Besides that, it hurts our musical heart when we see low-quality online video/film content of some of the greatest gigs and shows. Even though there are made with the best intentions by your fans, mum, manager or venue owner, it doesn’t fully represent the essence and quality of you as a performing artist or band.

By investing in your own video content, you have control over your online presence. And not just any video. Video and film content that brings out the quality, emotion and love you put into your work. We can do that. We have ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ for your music.

“Capturing a great performance is utterly satisfying.”

– Euphonic

For whom do we work?

We’ve worked with many different people and organisations:

  • artists
  • bands
  • creatives
  • venues
  • event organisers
  • online magazines
  • online music platforms
  • sponsors & brands

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